Servicing Your Heat Pump & Air Conditioning

We offer a full repair and maintenance service for domestic and commercial heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

Our experienced technicians can service and repair any type of fault and have access to all the required technical information.

Why service your air conditioner?

It is important to provide regular cleaning and servicing of your air conditioning system for the following reasons:

  1. The life of the heat pump may be significantly reduced if it is not serviced regularly.
  2. With regular servicing the efficiency of the unit is maintained, ensuring that running costs do not increase and performance is not degraded.
  3. It reduces the spread of bacteria and moulds which can cause unpleasant odours.
  4. Condensate drain pipes can become blocked with dust, moulds and insects and then leak water. The chance of that happening is greatly reduced by having the unit regularly serviced.
  5. Preventative maintenance on your heat pump often catches potential problems before they become serious: This is especially important during the warranty period to catch issues while the unit is still under warranty.

It is even more important to service air conditioners in a commercial environment as they work for much longer periods than those in a home.

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